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The "Casual" series started as a monthly-ish DJ night at Flowers For All Occasions (RIP), and continued on the internet via Twitch and then as a series of extended broadcasts after the beginning of covid quarantine. Booking a mixture of artists far beyond the scope of those I could bring to a cafe in Brooklyn, I left it up to each one whether they wanted their sets archived. This page lists the full lineups and links to any archived sets available.

Other internet radio activities and links you may be looking for:
- the Casual Internet Party merch table
- my solo DJ-format radio series on Datafruits, which followed the Casual Internet Party and ran biweekly from August 2020-February 2021 - on Soundcloud or Mixcloud
- Is Under Location Surfaces, my 2021-2022 series, on Resonance Extra or Mixcloud.

2020-8-2 on Datafruits
2020-7-5 on Datafruits - donations still encouraged
2020-5-24 on Datafruits
2020-4-26 on Datafruits
2020-4-6 on Twitch
2020-2-23 at Flowers
2019-12-29 at Flowers
2019-10-22 at Flowers
  • Roleplay
  • Jacob Becker

  • 2019-9-29, 2019-8-25, and 2019-2-10 at Flowers