for hire
I'm available on a freelance basis for
- audio mixing, mastering, and additional production
- graphic design
- music videos, motion graphics, VJing
- commissioned music
for scores or ghost production

Take a look at what I've done at the links below, and feel free to ask about similar types of projects. You can contact me via email for rates and any other questions.

Audio and Music
- discography
- production demo reel
- Mezzanine Swimmers - Miserable Miracle (mastering)
- Paradot - Albumen (mastering and additional mixing)
- David B. Applegate/Trash Panda QC - Party Stoppers (mastering, production for my tracks)
- Outgoing Decent Area (sound design, webVR implementation)

Visual and Motion
- visual portfolio
- Mezzanine Swimmers - Pensacola Arches (music video direction, animation, editing)
- Skirmish Society trailer (direction, motion graphics, vfx, editing)
- Party Stoppers cassette (artwork and design)
- Spinneret compilation (cover artwork, in collaboration)
- enn{kdog - color edit excerpt 2 with green shadow (music video collaboration, animation and editing)