for hire/commissions

I'm available on a freelance or commissioned basis for
- audio mixing, mastering, and additional production
examples: Mezzanine Swimmers - Miserable Miracle (mastering), Paradot - Albumen (mastering and additional mixing), David B. Applegate split tapes with doktorb, Too Hands, and me (mastering, production for my tracks), Streganonna - Undiccii (mastering, tracks 1, 3, and 4).

- music/sound for scores, ghost production, sound design, [your project here]
examples: production demo reel, full discography, Outgoing Decent Area (sound design, webVR implementation).

- graphic design/artwork
examples: Party Stoppers cassette (artwork and design), Spinneret compilation (cover artwork collaboration), flyer work, generative work.

- music videos, motion graphics, video editing, VJing
examples: Mezzanine Swimmers - Pensacola Arches (music video direction, animation, editing), Skirmish Society trailer (direction, motion graphics, vfx, editing), enn{kdog - color edit excerpt 2 with green shadow (collaborative animation, editing), VJ examples.

Feel free to get in touch about similar types of projects, longer term gigs, or private lessons/assistance. You can contact me via email for rates and any other questions. For booking and other Trash Panda QC related inquiries, definitely email as well!

General links:
- visual portfolio
- discography