for hire
In addition to working on my own music and art, I'm available on a freelance basis for audio engineering/mastering and graphic design, as well as other types of work such as creating your next music video, motion graphics for shows or social media, or commissioning music for a score, ghost production, or other purposes.

Please contact via email for rates and any other questions!

Recent audio examples:
Paradot - Albumen (mastering and addtional engineering)
David B. Applegate/Trash Panda QC - Party Stoppers (mastering, production and engineering for my tracks)
Trash Panda QC - production demo reel (production, engineering, mastering)

Recent graphic examples:
Party Stoppers cassette (artwork and design)
Spinneret compilation (cover artwork, in collaboration with American Jade)
enn{kdog - color edit excerpt 2 with green shadow (music video collaboration, animation and editing)

visual portfolio
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